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Love is in the air

Valentine’s Day Possibilities

Valentine's Date

Whether you’ve been dating someone a long time, a short time, or rolling solo, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to “treat yo’self” (as our friends Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec would say). Still trying to figure out what your plans? This article will provide just a couple suggestions of the many things you could do for this holiday of love.

For me personally, I’ve always found going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day to be off-putting. Crowded restaurants, long wait times, and a hectic atmosphere has always made me want to stay in and cook for this holiday. Valentine’s Day can be an excellent time to show your significant other how much you like them by picking out a delish recipe from the interwebz and then attempting to recreate it for them. Whether you’re a guy or gal, this can be a very romantic gesture. Why go out when you can pick out a Netflix movie, prepare a delicious meal of your choice, pick out a nice bottle of vino, and spend your Valentine’s Day relaxing on the couch?

However, if you are the type of person who wants to have a nice meal on Valentine’s Day, then going out for lunch or dinner may be the better choice for you (or if your cooking skills are lacking, hehe). My suggestions for going out to eat on Valentine’s Day is to either (1) get a reservation, or (2) pick a time and place where you will realistically be able to get in to eat. No one wants to be annoyed with their Valentine for dragging them to Olive Garden only to sit and wait on a table in the cramped lobby for an hour and a half. There are some pretty interesting Valentine’s Dinner options happening around the Morgantown area this year. 


The Regatta Bar and Grille located at the Waterfront is offering a Valentine’s Day deal for a couple to share a prime rib and crab leg buffet, a champagne toast, and a decadent dessert sampler with Valentine’s Day sweets.

Table 9 is offering a three-course Valentine’s Day culinary tour through the Romance languages. This would be a good opportunity to enjoy a glass of complimentary sparking Rose and a delicious meal with your someone special.

For some reason, we always assume that eating is what we are supposed to be doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, there are OTHER things going on so that you can have a lovely Valentine’s Day doing something that does not involve eating.

The Old Stone House gift shop located in downtown Morgantown is operating a used book sale fundraiser throughout the month of February from 11a.m. to 3p.m. Stop in on Friday with your Valentine and pick out used books for $3 each. Proceeds benefit local area schools.

For music lovers out there (like me), don’t worry—Morgantown hasn’t forgotten about you on Valentine’s Day. This year, 123 Pleasant Street is hosting one of my favorite local Pittsburgh bands: The Clarks! Come enjoy a delicious Magic Hat #9 from the tap, or aPBR, and enjoy some classic rock/country-ish/All American rock music. This is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your friends or your Valentine.

The Clarks

Single on Valentine’s Day? Lucky for you, this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, meaning bars a plenty will be catering to your dating life. I’m sure all the bars will be offering specials to get all the Morgantown singles out and about on Valentine’s Day. Rocktop Bar and Grille is offering an interesting Valentine’s Day special, with $5 Broken Heart Martinis, $5 glasses of wine, chocolate covered strawberries, games involving singles, and free cover for ladies. However, like I said, I’m sure all the bars will be offering some kind of special, so maybe this is a good chance to go out and meet a new Valentine.

As I mentioned before, Valentine’s Day DOES fall on a Friday this year, so it might be fun to plan a Pittsburgh Valentine’s Day date. Just a short 1hr./20 min. drive and you can be in the Steel City celebrating with your Valentine. Valentines Ice Skating, Crafting, Painting, Dining, and Food Tours offer many options for couples and singles alike. Find out more here:


Lucky for me, I have had a Valentine my entire life: my lovely mother. So even if you do nothing out of the ordinary on Valentine’s Day, it is important to remind friends and family of the love you have for them!


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