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Requests for the Lobby?

Lobby Construction

I’m in a committee with a few other students who advise the College of Law on what to do with the lobby to improve it both during and after construction. These improvements include from fun and stress relieving (fun games/decorations), purely functional (chairs/outlets), or anything else. Of course, none of these suggestions are guaranteed to be approved. Nonetheless, I wanted other people’s perspectives for what our school needs.

As an example, one of my suggestions is to put up a continually updated checklist of what has been done in the construction process and what is left to do. This way we can all feel up to date and involved with the construction project and how fast it is progressing.

Please share your ideas! The meeting is on Wednesday, but suggestions are welcome anytime.

I have to admit, though, the free coffee/hot chocolate in the lobby the past week will be hard to beat!

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