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Days of Fall

The Mountaineer

By John Zickefoose

So it appears that, at least for us 3Ls, the last summer before embarking on full-blown adulthood is about to draw to a close. And as I prepare to return to Morgantown to embark my final year as a law student, there are a few things I’m looking forward to around Morgantown this fall.

1. Football – Of course this is going to top the list. While WVU might have a tough second year in the Big 12 as it tries to rebuild its offense and actually try to build a defense, that doesn’t stifle my excitement for tailgate food, cheap beer, and the excitement that comes with living in a football town such as Morgantown.

2. Less traffic – this might sound strange to some, since with the fall comes an influx of many thousands of undergrads who make otherwise simple errands like driving across the downtown campus impossible. But having spent half of my summer in Washington DC, where traffic is taken to an otherworldly level, I feel like I will now tolerate Morgantown’s traffic with the patience of a zen master.

3. New law school steps – So the construction on the law school has been pretty frustrating, between the reduced parking, intermittent simulated ceiling collapses and jackhammers. But if you share the same mortal fear of bees that I have, perhaps you experienced the same sadistic schadenfreude that I did when I found out their reign of terror over the law school steps was ending and new, what I hope will be brick, mortar and concrete steps are being installed.

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