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The (Almost) Endless Summer: Life After 1L

The weather is not the only thing that has changed since May.

Less stress. No lugging around books. No more meticulous case briefs (er, at least, not exactly). Evenings out with friends. Pleasure reading. Interesting legal memos. Real clients. The list goes on.

I guess I’m making 1L year sound pretty terrible- I promise you, it’s not. It’s just that nothing can compete with the glory of finishing your first year, and basking in the decadence and delightfulness of summer. For me, this summer has been just what the doctor ordered: I have a job I love, great co-workers, vacation with my family, an awesome city to explore, and (some!) free time.  Grâce à the  West Virginia Fund for Law in the Public Interest, I could afford to take an unpaid internship with the  American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of West Virginia, in Charleston. I absolutely love it, and it’s been a great opportunity to see all the different legal sides to a national, non-profit organization. Research, policy, legislative issues, client intake- exposure that I craved while I was cramped up in the library during finals. While not everyone works their first summer in law school, it helps get your professional wheels turning, and I would highly recommend it. You’ll come out with great contacts, a better idea of the type of law you want to practice, and the type of environment you wish to be in.

Even though I’m living at home (Huntington) and commuting to and from work an hour each day (on a  super sweet Wi-Fi enabled bus, might I add), I still have plenty of time to be


Some events are work related:

Appalachian Community Fund Benefit: honoring Attorney General Darrell V. McGraw with an Appalachian Hero Award.

Appalachian Community Fund Benefit: honoring Attorney General Darrell V. McGraw with an Appalachian Hero Award.

some informative:

Summer Intern Lunch Program

Summer Intern Lunch Program with ACLU Executive Director Brenda Green and Mountain State Justice Intern Lola

and some 100% non-law related:

Bachlorette party with other WVU law ladies

Bachlorette party with other WVU law ladies!

As hard as it is to believe, it is now July, which means that we only have a few short weeks before we pack up our work attire (and/or swimsuits!) and head back to Morgantown. I’m going to be sad to leave my office, but I will admit, I am looking forward to year two. Maybe just a little bit. :)

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