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This Week in Technology

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking very much forward to not being a broke college student anymore. I hope that the relief of moderate financial freedom will come sooner than later (although as we all know having a law degree is no longer a sure-shot path to a six figure salary), partly so I can begin to settle down and start my adult life, but mostly because I want to buy some superfluous junk. Here are a few things on my man-child wish list.

The Magic Wand TV Remote –

“You’re a couch potato, Harry.” That’s what your friends can say to you while you are flipping through the channels the way the Good Lord intended—with your very own magic wand remote control! The truly cool thing about this gadget is that while it does have buttons, most of its functionality is actually based on gestures, so you can actually look like the raging geek that you truly are!

Radio Controlled Spy Plane –

Do you love R/C toys? What about ogling sunbathers from a great height? Well then this little gadget is just for you. For the low low price of only $335, you can unite these two loves. On a serious note, this would be neat to pilot over the blue lot for some cool aerial shots on game day.

Hand Crank Phone Charger –

This one is less superfluous and a bit more practical. Whether you’re camping or your car battery died, having a dead phone and no outlet nearby can be a drag. But with a little kinetic energy, this hand crank charger can have you up and running in no time, so you can call roadside assistance or, more importantly, play some Candy Crush.

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