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3 Things to Expect at WVU Law's Orientation

By Kelli Ganz


Dear incoming 1Ls,

Welcome to what you will soon learn to love, “Life on the Hill.” (Hence our law school is up on a hill). And I promise you will mostly love it except for finals. However, that is much too far away to mention now, so let me give you a little scoop on what to expect during orientation:

1.  Pictures When you first walk in they will line you up for pictures and tell you that no one will ever see this picture. That is an absolute false statement as that picture is arranged on your (unofficial) class composite and handed out to everyone in your law school class as well as to your professors.

2. Family and friends They are only welcome to the last day picnic. You do not want to bore them with any of the activities prior to the picnic and the days are tailored only to students.

3. Lectures, Socializing, Introductions Orientation consists of some awkward forced socializing among your new peers, lots of speakers in the auditorium covering all of your basic questions and needs to begin the year (prepare to sit for a long time), a fire drill of your new class schedule to meet your classmates/teachers/classrooms, a peer advising group that will be a compilation of students you have every class with and a teacher advisor/student mentor to answer ANY questions you have, lots of food, and then some more awkward socializing. The reception with the Dean is a good time to just be yourself and chill out before classes start, so make an effort to shake hands with some new people and put yourself out there!

Also I love meeting new people so please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to get a head start on making a new friend in law school. My name is Kelli Ganz (rising 2L) and I am social chair, so get ready for some law school fun this year!! On a less cheesy note, if you have any questions or at all please feel free to facebook/email me and I will be at orientation.

Enjoy the end of your summer!!!

BONUS! Don’t fret about the grammar test, it doesn’t hold any weight

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