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Small Town, USA

by John Zickefoose

In about a week from now I will embark to Washington, DC for my summer internship. Up to this point, I have been spending my days tending the bar at Pies and Pints, which opened right before school adjourned for the summer, and driving to Huntington here and there to see my girlfriend.

Doing the latter has reawakened memories of my undergraduate days in Huntington. Don’t get me wrong, living in Morgantown these past two years has been great. Much to the chagrin of many Marshall loyalists (including my girlfriend), I have to say that both cities are dear to me.

If you have never been to Huntington, I would recommend a visit if you ever have the opportunity. There is a great park on the south side, several cool local shops and restaurants, and the formerly bustling railroad city has a rich past (for you history buffs).

Not to say the same isn’t true for Morgantown. Mo’town’s local business scene is impressive and ranks #7 in Forbes Magazine for the Best Small Places for Business and Careers. And it shows; spend an hour or two on High Street and you will notice that unlike much of the rest of small town America, Morgantown’s residents never gave up on the merchants of old downtown.

All in all, I’m happy to have called both cities home. Both have their own unique identities in their history and culture. Where I’ll go after 3L year is yet to be seen; but if I’m lucky enough to end up in either Huntington or Morgantown, I know I’ll be happy.

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