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New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The New Year’s Beginnings:
1. The Romans named the first month of the year after the god Janus.
2. Janus has two faces: one on the front of his head and one on the back.
3. At midnight on December 31, the Romans imagined Janus simultaneously looking back on the old year while looking forward to the new year.

It’s not too late to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s good to have both “big” and “small” resolutions. I think of “big” goals as being long-term goals that require perseverance and patience before you see the results. “Smaller” goals are goals that can be achieved within a few weeks. Whether your goals are big or small, WVU offers many resources to help you achieve those goals:

Recreation Center: The Rec Center offers several group exercise classes ever day in addition to the weight rooms, indoor track, indoor pool, climbing wall, basketball & racquetball courts, and more. It even offers free personal training!

Outdoors Center: At the recreation center, the University has as outdoors center that allows students to rent recreational equipment such as skis, snowboards, snow shoes, etc.

Wellness Center: The University has a whole page dedicated to all types of wellness including physical and mental. There are a number of resources and well-trained staff to assist with all types.

Carruth Center for Psychiatric and Psychological Services: Students receive a certain number of free sessions with a professional.

Best of luck in achieving your New Year’s resolutions!

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