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FOOTNOTES: news you may have missed.

West Virginia is the most neurotic state!?

West Virginia is the most neurotic state!? Also, take the quiz and discover which state you belong in.

The new iPad is airy.

Tom’s Shoes rethinks its “buy one, give one” policy to better meets the needs of those in the developing world.

How a Supreme Court argument became a stage production.

President George Washington liked soba & maybe you should too. It’s only buckwheat.

Uncovering the mystery of our beloved Sriracha.

Bicycles are out-selling cars in Europe.

The Farm Bill has a “savings clause,” a.k.a the permanent law provision, which causes farm programs to revert to 1949 law if a new bill is not passed and because today’s lawmakers would not be happy in 1949 this will likely force them to agree to something new. If only the budget did that too.

Mexico is trying out the sugary food tax.

Starbucks’ PSL makes us feel “native American, locavore, retro-comfort” and oh yeah, it doesn’t contain pumpkin.

Just in time for Halloween, our history with candy.

Another reason to get more sleep.

And finally, this and this —perhaps a couple of the many reasons for the lack of ladies in law school.

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