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Blind Pilot at Mr. Smalls Funhouse

On February 11, I traveled to near-by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to attend a concert at Mr. Smalls Funhouse to see Blind Pilot perform live.

The venue and show were both great. Mr. Smalls is in a church that has been renovated into a funky concert hall. Even the balcony has been kept for seating! Blind Pilot was great live, if you aren’t familiar with the band, check them out here! The band played a nice mix of old and new music, so fans of all kinds could enjoy the show.

venue {The front of the venue. All church on the outside!}

Blind Pilot playing live {Blind Pilot playing live. The band played at the altar, so every person in the packed house had a great view.}

I had a wonderful time at Mr. Smalls and hope to go back for another concert soon. If you are interested in seeing a show at Mr. Smalls, check out their upcoming concert dates  here.

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