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If I Had Superpowers . . .

If I had superpowers…

In this little segment of the game show entitled “If I had Superpowers,” I am going to pretend that I get to choose three…mainly because I can’t choose just one.

1. Time Alteration

Time Alteration

Being in school and being a new mom makes me wish I could alter time. I don’t necessarily always want to stop time Zach Morris style or time travel to the future or the past. I want all of those options. Being able to manipulate time would allow me to savor those luscious moments that otherwise pass too quickly through my sights. Time manipulation would also allow me to speed through the not-so-fun parts of the day, and it might also give me the chance to both feed my daughter at night and get a continuous 8 hours of sleep. That would be a dream come true!

2. Fear Eradication

Fear Eradication

I have some amazingly talented friends. Their talents and spark is so obvious to me, and yet, when I talk to them about pursuing their passions, they fold in fear. Fear of criticism. Fear of failure. Fear of solitude. Fear of poverty. Fear of the path less traveled. These fears are rational at times, but I’ve seen them keep some of the most brilliant people from doing the things they are clearly meant to do on this earth. So, if I could have a second superpower, it would be fear eradication. I would want to set people free to do whatever their hearts intended.

3. Flight


Who doesn’t want to be able to fly on her own accord? No brainer.

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