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Better late than never . . . Right??

Better late than never

We’ve all heard it, in many different contexts. “Better late than never.” It might have been your mom nagging you about joining that club in high school, or your best friend pestering you about that party on Saturday night. Starting something later is often a much better solution as opposed to never attempting at all. But is “late” always better than “never”? I think not my friends . . . .

Lets look at some instances shall we?

When does “Better late than never” ring true?

1. Right now when you are contemplating really committing to that New Years resolution you set for yourself, but you think at the same time, “Well, its already February,ALMOST March!” No excuses! So what if your a little late on this one. Relatively speaking, 2 months out of 12 isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of time. So get up, go to the gym! Clean your house! Walk your dog everyday! Whatever resolution you tried to commit yourself to making a habit, do it now. Definitely “Better late than never.”

2. Being a good student. Ummmmm Duh! Do you want to make it out of law school, first of all alive, second of all with some of your dignity, self-worth, and intelligence still in tact? Yea?? Alright then! “Better late than never!” There is ONE, mind you ONLY ONEsmall beauty about having only a final exam grade in law school classes. Its for that class you’ve procrastinated in and said, “I really need to catch up on my reading,” or “I really need to start my outline,” or ” I really should pay attention and participate more.” Its not too late. Sit down, catch up on your reading, know what your talking about and get that CALI! (Disclaimer: This point leads to an instance where sometimes late is not better than never.” Read on for further discussion).

3. So one more example. Getting involved! What do I mean? I mean . . . getting involved, in school, in the community, your church, your family’s life, our friend’s lives, wherever you may choose! This is definitely one of those instances when “late” takes the cake. So yea, your friends and family might be upset that you “showed up to the party 5 hours late” (figuratively speaking), but work it out and be involved from then on. Go to that Community Service Council meeting you’ve been wanting to check out, no matter that its almost halfway through the semester. Its never too late to help another person out. So maybe you’ll get some slack to begin with, for showing up late, but I promise your involvement and time will be well spent and much appreciated by those around you.

Now for the “never’s” . . . Yeah sometimes you should just opt out/be on time to begin with.

1. Interviews. Really people? Really? You are going to show up late to impress someone that is possibly offering to give you a job??? Don’t be foolish! BE ON TIME! This is one of those situations where “Better late than never” kinda doesn’t even apply. Yes, technically late is better than never, but the chances of you being seriously considered for a job after you show up late to an interview are SLIM TO NONE. Moral of the story, set an alarm, look at your watch, give yourself plenty of time to get ready and get there . . . ON TIME!

2. Class attendance. (Referring to the disclaimer in #2 above). So this one is a bit tricky in that it can work both ways. First of all, let me just say, GO TO CLASS. There I said it. Ok, onwards. “Better late than never” DOES apply when you are say 10 minutes, maybe even 15 to class. Yes you may be solely on call for torture and case briefs for the remainder of class, but if you were prepared as suggested above in #2, then this is a breeze. Now as to the disclaimer previously mentioned, when “Better late than never” does NOT apply. Well that would be when you’ve missed 6 classes and your teacher only permits 3 absences or else you cannot sit for the final. Umm, looks like its a little to late here. Unless you have some extenuating circumstances that you have previously discussed with the professor, or are in the process of doing, NOW (2 months in and 6 classes missed) is not the time to start being “Pupil #1,” that time came to a screeching halt when you chose not to get out of bed at absence #4. Now don’t get me wrong, maybe the professor is willing to work with you and I’m not suggesting you can’t turn you absentee ways around. I’m saying go to class, so that you don’t end up with “never” as your only option! Failed classes do not bode well for your future young grasshopper!

By now I think you all get the drift. Sometimes “late” really is better than “never,” but most times, if not all, you should just be on time. ;-) So march on and make your mommas proud!

Until next time . . .

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