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Summer and shakes

By Catherine Parker

Smitty’s Kountry Kreme

One of the best ways to celebrate summer in any small town is the local ice cream shop. Luckily Morgantown is not without some excellent options.

For some people summer has not begun until a visit to Smitty’s. Found at a corner on Route 7 in Sabraton, Smitty’s Kountry Kreme is a soft serve haven. There are countless varieties and toppings, not to mention “sammiches” if you bring a bigger appetite. The staff is more than willing to experiment and make your ice cream dream come true.

Another favorite of locals is Tutto Gelato. Located in the Suburban Plaza shopping center near Kegler’s, the gelato shop offers a delicious experience. Gelato is a less dense version of ice cream. It melts faster and has richer flavors. Tutto Gelato’s flavor selection never disappoints. The flavors are made on site and rotate daily. The cafe also has breakfast, pastries, coffee, and a small cafe menu. A friendly staff and airy seating makes for a nice study area too- on site espresso is never a negative for a law student.

Starting classes doesn’t mean summer is over quite yet! Come to Morgantown a day or two early and not only unpack in peace before 30,000 students return, but also grab some ice cream and enjoy the mountains before the semester starts.

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