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In the past few days, one of our classmates lost his mom.

That day at school following the news was a heartbreaking one in some respects, but in others, it was refreshing. It completely reminded me of the humanity that envelops our little college of law. So much love and compassion was pouring from everyone’s hearts. It also reminded me that we are all in this together. We may not be walking the same exact path, but we are generally going in the same direction. In going in the same direction, we get to choose how we treat each other along the way, and I am proud of my fellow students for generally being so kind to one another.

When a life event so big occurs in my general vicinity, I cannot help but sit back and think that everyone has a story. Every single person moves through every single day with her own set of circumstances that informs her behaviors. Again, the idea of compassion rises to the forefront of my thoughts. We will likely never know some of the events that have shaped the lives of the people with which we spend our time. That makes it even more important to treat each person with the kind of care that we would appreciate on our worst days.

Again, I am grateful that I go to school at a place encourages compassion over competition. Law school can be tough at times, but remembering that there are bigger things than outlines and cases and midterms is essential to success. While my heart is so heavy for my classmate and his loss, I am grateful for this reminder in maintaining perspective.

Our thoughts and prayers truly are with you.

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