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Fall Has Come to the Capital City

Despite the government shutdown still being underway, and the many news articles discussing the U.S. appearing less of a world stage leader – implicating potential delays in activities abroad, DC is still moving and shaking. Many furloughed employees are now being told that they will be paid despite not being able to work. And in other city news, it is now beginning to feel like fall!

This weekend I spent a little less time thinking about politics, government, and securities so I could enjoy the amazingly (dare I say it?) hot weather. Ready to welcome the new season and celebrate the end of summer (which is apparently one of the best here, according to the locals) a small group of friends and I went to the 14th Annual Cap City Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest on Saturday in Arlington, VA. The event had a very good turnout and included a vast beer selection, Bratwurst and pretzels, and many people (and dogs) dressed in Lederhosen.

I spent most of Sunday recovering from all the direct sunlight. But in the afternoon, when it cooled down to a pleasant 80 degrees, I went over to the Union Market to see what other great eats I could find. That particular market has an oyster bar, an organic meat market, a Mediterranean deli, and a little shop in front with charmingly boisterous employees and a delightful smoked hummus that I could probably eat all by itself.

In short, I had a wonderful weekend. I am also excited to enjoy the lingering warm weather as the leaves change. I am equally excited for the new work week (but you don’t hear that one too often)! So cheers to the end of a great weekend and great summer, and Happy Fall to all of you.

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