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It Pays to Hang Out at this Bar

While the Student Bar Association (SBA) sounds like a collection of local watering holes, this organization is actually the primary student government body at WVU College of Law. Made up of officers from among the student body, the SBA holds a full calendar of events throughout the year. Whether organizing the chili cook-off, visiting the Fright Farm, or holding a Christmas toy drive, students have the opportunity to get to know each other and contribute to the community. The SBA also helps distribute tens of thousands of dollars each year to student organizations on campus.

Furthermore, the SBA appoints students to various faculty committees to ensure student input in important decisions, whether hiring new faculty, the admissions process, or molding plans for the building expansion. In fact, nearly twenty students represent the student voice on around ten committees that meet throughout the school year.

Most importantly, the SBA is a vital link to the national American Bar Association. By encouraging students to join the ABA at a discounted rate, individuals can enjoy low cost or free membership to specialized legal divisions, compete in national mock trials, and enjoy networking opportunities in their field of interest.

Running for SBA is a great way to get involved during law school and help mold your law school experience. Meetings are typically every other Sunday at 7PM, so come check us out!

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