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Once Upon A Time...

I am happy to announce the theme of this year’s {rapidly approaching} PIA auction!

WVU College of Law’s Public Interest Advocates hold an auction each year to raise money for the following summer’s PIA fellowships. The money raised at the auction will be used to pay for the fellow’s salaries as they work in non profit organizations around the state of West Virginia.

The live auction will be held on March 8, 2012, in the lobby of the WVU College of Law. Attendance of the auction is free. A large buffet with a variety of tasty foods will be available before and during the auction for about $8 per person. A silent auction will be held in the days following the live auction.

On Wednesday January 25, PIA held a meeting to discuss the theme for this year’s auction as well as sign ups for committees and committee chairs. This year the PIAauction will be using a “Once Upon A Time…” theme. This theme will incorporate decor and foods based around fairytales from around the globe.


PIA Meeting in progress.


Buffet at the 2011 PIA Auction.


Attendees waiting anxiously to bid.


Faculty auctioneer, Professor Michael Blumenthal.

In upcoming posts I will share items that will be auctioned off as well as further details about the auction.

Hope to see you all there!

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