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Winter Break Guest Post, by Alice Foley

Today we have an extra special guest post, on the subject of winter break fun,
by the lovely Alice Foley.




What could go wrong!?

Like a lot of law students, I use winter break to catch up with my friends from college and home – lets face it, they get practically no love while we’re at school.

Every year we’ve tried to get together and do something “Christmasy.” We use the term loosely. A few years ago it was a white elephant gift exchange, another year was tacky holiday sweaters, I think there may have been a progressive dinner once… you get the idea.

But last year may have been our best idea – we were going to make a gingerbread village – yes, village – from scratch. We got a cardboard “landscape,” made gingerbread dough, and bought pretty much every candy decoration you can think of. This is what it turned into…


We forgot one very important thing. Cookie cutters. We had gingerbread men, and trees, but the whole house thing, yeah, our bad. So we eyeballed it.

Lesson for the year: bread pans and free hand cutting don’t make gingerbread houses that stand up without hot glue.

So what’s our plan for this year?
We’re making a gingerbread Playboy Mansion! I see nothing but success.

Hope your plans are just as fun!

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