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Editor's Corner- Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Hello there.
Editor Jessica Potter here.


First off, I wanted to say hello to you in this new Spring Semester.
The staff here at the blog have a lot of really great content coming up for you, so please keep checking back frequently!
Also, be sure to leave comments and questions on posts, if there is anything you would like to know more about.

Today I want to talk about a special topic for me- the chance to do more than just the typical during your time in law school.

There are SO many opportunities in law school to do more than just take the “bar prep” courses.
Don’t get me wrong- there is a great value in learning the materials that will be tested on the bar exam, and I don’t meant to take away from that at all.
But I truly feel that you are missing out on some really wonderful experiences if you do not deviate from that path at all, during your three years in law school.

To name just a few of these alternate opportunities there are:
study abroad programs
summer legal classes
clinic programs, where students actually practice law in their third year of school
and graduate level courses that can be taken for law school credit, with approval

I took three classes last summer, and I am loving that decision this year!
It has made my final year much less stressful, and I would really highly endorse summer courses to any students who want to lighten their load during the school year.

I also am in the Entrepreneurship Law Clinic. I will talk more about this clinic in future posts, but for now allow me to say this-
it rules :)
Perhaps that is not the most “professional” review of the program, but it is an honest one.
I love it, and I’m sure if you tried this clinic you would too!

Lastly, I am taking a graduate level class for credit.
I am also even taking AN EXTRA graduate level course, and it is not even counting for law school credit.
Am I crazy?! Taking MORE classes while in law school?
I assure you that I am enjoying this class so far, and glad that as a law student I was able to gain access to the course.
It is a class that prepares students to teach as college professors, and I can’t wait to see what I will learn.

I will be back with more discussion of the wonderful opportunities available in law school later, but for now, continue reading along with all of the great posts on this site!
As always, if you have any questions on WVU College of Law, do not hesitate to contact me personally at

I hope you have a great week!


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