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A Few Great Ways to Enjoy your Law School Summer . . .


Now that Finals have ended for us current law students, and the incoming 1Ls have graduated, it only seems fitting to talk about “living it up” for the summer. Whether you are a rising 2 or 3L, a graduating 3L, or an incoming 1L we all deserve to have a little, or maybe a lot, of fun before beginning again or beginning anew in August.

Caveat, I know all of you 3Ls are diligently studying for the bar, but I’ve got some ideas for you all as well. And the incoming 1Ls, please, take deep breaths, relax, because there is no need to freak. You are going to be JUST Fine.

So just a few suggestions (my own personal suggestions):

1. Don’t waste your time reading and trying to figure out what law school/the rest of your life will be like. In my opinion, no book, article, etc. can truly prepare you. So take the time and read a book you will enjoy because once school starts the last thing you will want to do more of is … READ.

2. Take a vacation. And I mean a real vacation where you don’t think about emails, to do lists, preparing to move, starting school or jobs, studying for the bar, and so on. I realize for some of you a week off just isn’t going to happen, but a weekend, or even consecutive lazy days at the pool will help!

3. Let loose. I make no official suggestions for this one. Ehhhemm! Just think of a certain Kenny Chesney song about “we went out last night” or something along those lines.

4. While I do suggest relaxation, vacation, and letting loose. Being somewhat prepared before August comes is helpful in reducing the copious amounts of stress likely awaiting you. Feel free to email myself or any other bloggers for tips! (

5. This one may sound unenjoyable but I find it helpful! Begin a workout/exercise routine that is sustainable and flexible for when school becomes hectic. If you start now you are much more likely to continue it throughout the year. And trust me, exercise is crucial for your mental and emotional health on law school hill!

6. One of my personal favorites, Country Concerts! Nothing screams summer more for me than lawn seats in the heat of summer at a country concert. There’s just something about tailgating with your friends beforehand and singing at the top of your lungs on a warm humid summer night.

There are obviously many more ways to have a great summer, but these are just a few if my suggestions! Please feel free to comment and offer some of your own personal favorites!

I look forward to meeting all of you new 1Ls in a few LONG months ;)


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