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Are You Experienced? My Time at the SEC

Are You Experienced? My Time at the SEC

I am now more than mid-way through my externship. The extent of all that I have learned and have been exposed to could span several posts. Instead of doing that, however, I want to do a follow-up to my previous post about the inner workings of the organization. This week, I’m focusing on some of what I have spent my semester doing.

One of the things that is central to intra-office communication is Commission Meetings. They are both Open (to the public) and Closed (SEC staff only). The interesting piece to these meetings is that they cover proposed rules, proposed enforcement actions, and allow interns like me to share a space with the most important figures within the agency, the Commissioners. Without disclosing too much information, suffice it to say that despite the public perception that the SEC moves too slow in its duties, those meetings really do move. When I first started, I was able to catch the swearing in of the two newest Commissioners, so it has been my delight to see their introduction and integration into their new roles.

As for actually getting my hands dirty, I have reviewed several filings, some of which are for companies that are known to all of you. Think of any telecommunications company that has been in the news lately (i.e. computers, cell phones, social media, etc.). If any of those companies currently has registered securities or aspires to, then their deals, mergers, and reorganizations have come across either my desk or someone who I have the honor of working with.

Speaking of the attorneys and accountants in my group, I am learning and contributing with some of the best and brightest around. What I love most is the collegial nature of the work environment. While there is a strict hierarchy, the entire group works together and everyone is treated with respect. Another highlight is that the work is actually interesting. I’m sure many of you find transactional and detail oriented work akin to stabbing your own eyes out, but I am thoroughly enjoying getting experience with the nuances of the ‘33 Act, Reg S-K, and Reg D (among, of course, many others).

It is safe to say that while I will enjoy being back amongst all of you (as I and several others will graduate in the Spring YAY), it has been an experience that has shaped my professional life. I now have a strong interest in Securities Law, and I am excited to pursue a career in it. Particularly, I would love to land right back at the SEC. Fingers crossed.

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