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How to Host Friends from Out of Town when you're at WVU Law

Girls in Halloween Costumes

So what happens when you’re in law school and your friends (non law students) want to visit you? They “Want to see a day in your life.” The first thing that comes to your mind is, well I drive from my house to the school, back home and then back to the school. Maybe the rec a couple times a week or the grocery store, but nothing anyone out of town wants to see. What do you do with these friends to show them that Morgantown consists of more than a dungeon law school up on a hill?

Sure you can take them downtown, but what is there to see at a bar that they haven’t seen before that will make their visit to the Wild and Wonderful memorable? Here’s just a few suggestions:

-Cooper’s Rock is beautiful in all seasons besides the winter. Go for a hike, take some pictures, look over the beautiful valley and pack a picnic! In the summer or spring, you can paddleboat around the lake and catch salamanders. Nothing like a little outdoorsy fun!

– Take them on a PRT ride. You know that rail we all drive underneath and see the little yellow cars riding on it every once in a while? It goes through campus and gives a good tour of the town and the university. Take some popcorn, sit back, and go for a ride.

– Take them for a walk, run or bike ride along the rails to trails. Head down towards Star City, if you go right you can go for miles and end up in Pennsylvania and if you go left it goes all the way through the waterfront and beyond. Rumor has it there is a fun “bike bar” miles to the right. Afterwards enjoy a smoothie, beer, glass of wine, or a meal from the Tierra Café.

– Get in touch with your creative side and go visit the WOW! Factory. You can Paint Your Own Pottery, Glass Fusing, Mosaics and Clay Handbuilding. It’s fairly cheap and located on University Avenue down near the rails to trails. You can have fun doing something “unintellectual” and your guests will have a souvenir to take home!

– Get frozen yogurt! Lucky for us, we have three fro-yo shops in town! Take them to sweet frog up in the University Town Center, Naticakes in the Suncrest Town Center, or the small little shop on High Street. Pick from lots of different flavors and then go through the buffet of toppings. It’s an adventure in itself!

– Bring them in town for a Law School Party!! They will get to meet everyone at the best time. No one is stressed, no is talking about school, and they will get to see that maybe you do have some fun in law school! My DC friends had a blast here in Morgantown at the Halloween party! They concluded that law school kids “are not what they had expected!” PLUS FOR US!!!

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