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by Sarabeth Yoder

Recently, Erica Armstrong and I started a club for people interested in the joint JD/MBA program or in business law in general. We didn’t realize how few people knew that this program existed, so here are some little-known reasons why we like being JD/MBAs:

  • You stand out from the crowd of JDs with a completely different and useful specialized skill set in a competitive area, and some employers consider the MBA a replacement for some experience.
  • Don’t want to be a lawyer? Do business using your MBA!
  • You can finish two degrees in no more time than it takes for you to get your JD.
  • You only pay University tuition once if you’re a full time law student (what you pay to the business school are college tuition fees and books, etc.), so it’s a GREAT deal.
  • The MBA does not interfere with your first year law classes, so that nightmarish 1L year doesn’t get any harder.
  • Most of the MBA programs use Excel instead of making you do math by hand, so those of you who are tentative about the program because math isn’t your forte? Don’t sweat it.
  • The EMBA is online or in the evening, which allows JD/MBAs to get their MBA work done on their own time. With careful time management, the online format is a convenient way to learn business while learning law.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get an edge and specialize in the lucrative field of business law. Please contact me if you would like additional information.

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