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Want a new, great workout? Try PiYo™!

Our very own Student Recreation Center has a fantastic selection of group exercise classes, and they are offered throughout the day to accommodate your schedule. I’ve been working out regularly at various fitness centers for the past ten years, and I’ve tried more fitness classes than I can count: spinning (a tried-and-true favorite), hip-hop dance class, yoga, pilates, boot camps, MuscleMax classes, and even a weight-lifting class mixed with spinning! (I’m pretty sure that last option is a liability waiting to happen, so I wouldn’t advise it. And it wasn’t at our Rec Center, just in case you are wondering.) Some of these have been great, and others I’ve left thinking that I’d get a more effective workout on my own. But last week I tried a new class at the WVU Rec that I found to be challenging, effective, and—quite simply—worth your time!

What is PiYo™?
This class is called PiYo, and this is the description provided on the Rec Center website:
“PiYo™ (1 hour): A dynamic, faster-paced class designed to effectively improve functional training and dynamic balance using moves inspired by Pilates, Yoga, Athletic Conditioning, and Functional Training. This is not your regular Mind/Body class; PiYo™ pushes the limits of agility, balance and strength. This format is a highly main-stream and contemporary approach to the traditional Pilates and Yoga formats. If you’re looking for a new direction and challenge for your Mind/Body classes, this is it!”

The attendees were both men and women, and the instructor, Aly, is an excellent teacher. If you are looking for a way to spice up your workout routine, I would highly recommend giving PiYo™ a try. Just be sure to grab two yoga mats (which are provided) because you’re going to need that extra padding for those planks and chaturangas!

Good luck and have fun!

For the class schedule, click here:
For a list of offered classes and their descriptions, click here:

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