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Pumpkin Gone Rogue

In great anticipation of the Women’s Leadership Council First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest . . .

It’s fall and pumpkins are everywhere. We pick them, carve them, decorate them, decorate with them, cook with them, eat them, and drink them, but that can get old rather quickly. It’s time to put fall’s official mascot to use in a few new ways.

To Decorate
So you want your pumpkin to be a stand out?—Put down that carving knife.

Pink (or any great, bright color) pumpkin anyone?

Pink Pumpkin


Black with studs (or even rhinestones).

Black Pumpkin


Glamorous with glitter.

Glitter Pumpkins


And don’t forget chalkboard paint for your ever-changing designs.

To Cook
Pumpkin bread is great and all, but after the first couple slices—it’s time to move on.

Turn pumpkin into a delicious creamy pasta sauce.


Mix it into homemade mac & cheese for the ultimate comfort food.

Roasted pumpkin and sage soup.

pumpkin smoothie for breakfast. 

Pumpkin Smoothie

Pumpkin and black bean enchiladas are a favorite of mine (recipe next week).

And don’t forget to add pureed or roasted pumpkin to your favorite chili recipe. Most importantly, don’t forget to enter your decorated pumpkin in the WLC Contest beginning on Wednesday, October 23rd. Entry costs $5!

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