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Have a Holly, Jolly, Molly Christmas (break)!

Before finals are even over, I begin to drool over the free time I know is rapidly approaching. By the time Christmas break rolls around; I already have most of my break planned out with very important, stimulating, and educational activities.

A top-five list of things you will find me doing during our holiday break:

1) Substitute teaching at local schools.


In a past life, I was a first grade teacher. Being able to see my students flourishing in third grade is truly special. Mainly, because I am no longer in charge of their behavior.

2) Playing Call of Duty MW3.

That’s right n00b, this girl is a gamer. I set out to play one round of Team Deathmatch and end up playing for three hours. That’s what the break is for, right?

3) Attending Sporting Events.


During the semester, very little time is available to attend sporting events outside of Morgantown. Pittsburgh is only about an hour up the road and offers sports fanatics their fill. My sister and I went to the Steelers’ game on Christmas Eve. Steelers’ victory made Christmas all the more fantastic; sorry Rams fans!

4) Reading non-lawyeresque literature.

Based on the suggestion of several law school peers, I have started to read the Hunger Games. The goal I have set is to read to books before the movie. We will see how that works out.

5) Driving around town just because.

No, I do not enjoy adding emissions into the atmosphere; however, if given the opportunity to drive in Morgantown without traffic, I will pounce on it. Being able to drive to the Patteson Kroger and back in less than fifteen minutes is a Christmas miracle.

Notice all of these activities have some level of stress to them. Even reading can be stressful if the content is about a dystopian society with a killing competition consisting of teens. There’s just no way I could survive a four-week period without any stress whatsoever. I must stay in shape for the spring semester.

Enjoy the rest of your break!

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