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Summer Reading Review: Making Your Case & Buffalo Creek Disaster

Reviews by Shannon Kiser

Making Your CaseMaking Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges – Antonin Scalia and Bryan Garner
Many of us had to read this book for Appellate Advocacy, and because an absolutely huge part of the legal profession is in appealing to a Judge’s sensibilities, I strongly suggest checking this one out. While a large portion is geared toward success in appellate work, there are many stories and examples of practices in this book that, if taken into account, will help you develop a sharper skill set in both legal writing and oral advocacy. There are also many quips and stories from Justice Scalia that keep things entertaining. If you haven’t read a Scalia opinion yet, this will also give you an idea of what to expect.

Buffalo Creek DisasterBuffalo Creek Disaster – Gerald M. Stern
One of the biggest disasters to hit West Virginia, and one of the largest class-action lawsuits of its time, collide in this amazing story. Filled to the brim with actual client accounts of the disaster, this book is terrifyingly honest, and at many times, horrific. Buffalo Creek Disaster is rather short, but often focuses on what happens behind the scenes during a lawsuit, up to and including the settlement negotiations that ultimately brought this class-action suit to an end. Add in a twist of out-of-state, big coal companies, and their utter disregard for the citizens and environment of West Virginia, and you have the recipe for a surefire suspense that rivals many works of fiction.
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