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Mmph! I Guess We are Graduating Soon

Three–Elle year, the year “they bore you to death.” After two years in law school, law students strive to make their third year everything the two preceding years were not: fun. In their first year, law students are inundated with case law, contracts, statutes, deeds, and a great number of other things most people avoid in their lifetime. And second year, they work law students to death with an addition of information THEY actually chose to learn about—oh, the irony. As the years progress so does one’s involvement in extracurricular activities; advancement in the organizational ladder, from general member to executive board member. By the third year most law students ask themselves, this again? How can I switch it up?

Finally, opportunities to indulge in activities we have not been able to participate in before becomes possible. We create new occasions for ourselves to enjoy our surroundings and the company of once distant classmates turned friend. Three-elle year brings about several challenges for many: finding a job, preparing for the bar, and plans of moving to respective states. But throughout it all, the time left in this mixed-realm of academia with traces of the “real world” gives us our chance to enjoy our last hoorahs with those it may be years before we see again.

Here are a couple of suggestions regarding activities three-elles can do to help commemorate their last days as they wind down. Well, actually do your work—it is not over yet. And as far as the fun is concerned, visit a bar, restaurant or lounge you haven’t visited before; these visits don’t have to necessarily be in Morgantown as long as it is a place you have never been before. And to make the trips more novel, embark on this journey with a minimum of one person you have never hung out with before. Another activity? Invite some people over! Have a dinner party, Netflix and a movie, food and sports—food must always be involved, it is important! Visit sites and landmarks home to only West Virginia. Take a jog on the rail trail; hit Cooper’s Rock on a warm morning; or take a ride on a boat from Sunset Beach Marina or any other marina (you can either rent or ask a classmate). Go to school functions, despite all of your reservations, at least once to say you did. Do things you otherwise wouldn’t have with people you never imagined you would because no one wants to look back on their law school experience and realize their best memories were confined to the four walls of the law school.

Do everything in your power to make some of these experiences happen . . . before you experience this.

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