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Barrister's Ball Recap

Here is a recap of Barrister’s Ball, by the lovely Katrina Harper.


Since becoming a law student, there are three activities I appreciate more: dressing up, eating excellent food, and interacting with other students outside of the educational sphere. The Barrister’s Ball provided all those things.

When I first set foot in the Alumni Center, I was overwhelmed by how nice everyone looked. That is not to say that we law students do not always put our best fashion foot forward, but it seemed everyone took the extra effort for the evening. There was a wide range of dresses. I found the ingenuity of the girls to find the best dress for the best price admirable. Several women told me they had gotten their beautiful gowns for less than $25. I have to say that I would never have guessed that. There was no shortage of well-dressed men either; dozens of men stood shaven, pressed, and “tied” up.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of good food, more specifically dessert. Naturally, I was excited to see what delicious treats the student bar association had selected for us. I was not disappointed. The large buffet included so many salads, entrees, and sides that I cannot recall them all. I can remember my favorites: the cheesecake and chocolate cake. I chose to avoid the problem of selecting one and sampled both. That is what you bring a date for, right? That is what I consider to be a solution to a serious problem.

After everyone finished eating, the mood became more festive as some of those in attendance began to show off their moves on the dance floor. When I saw everyone became more festive, I do mean everyone. Professor Ellis was not shy about showing off his slick moves to the “Electric Slide.” The relaxed, fun mood was contagious and people continued drifting on and off the dance floor as the night progressed. I must say that law school students have moves!

It is easy to forget that the people around us have lives outside of the walls of the law school; therefore, events like this are essential for getting to know people outside of school. For example, I worked with several first year girls through the writing center but did not get a chance to know them well. The Barrister’s Ball gave me the chance to get to know them and their dates. They were such great girls, and I am sad to say it has taken me this long to get to know them better. For me, Barrister’s Ball presents a unique opportunity: I can spend time with my fellow students, wear a beautiful gown, enjoy tasty good, and dance the night away. That is a great opportunity for me that I encourage all law students to take advantage of next year.


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