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WVU College of Law Immigration Clinic

by Charles Hall

The Immigration Law Clinic at the West Virginia University College of Law is the only legal services provider in the state that offers legal aid to indigent immigrants who are facing tough immigration problems. The students in the clinic get to work with a wide array of clients and deal with an even wider array of immigration problems. The clinic has cases dealing with domestic violence, asylum, naturalization, and cancellation of removal, just to name a few. Working with the clients on their problems gives the student attorneys real world knowledge and a practical understanding of the law. On top of that, the cases that the students work on can change people’s lives, and knowing that your legal work has created opportunities for others to make a better life is a wonderful feeling.

If you have the opportunity to participate in the Immigration Law Clinic, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. We have great supervisors, including Bob Whitehill, adjunct professor and resident immigration expert; there may not be a better person to learn the law from. Overall, it is a great experience and I would encourage anyone with an interest in immigration law to consider the Immigration Law Clinic.

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