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By Catherine Parker

Recently I traveled to Brazil with the College of Law. Three weeks in the lush country left me wanting more. More travel, more adventure, more experiences. But you don’t have to take a 9 hour plane ride to Rio to add excitement to your life. Simply say “yes”. Let me explain.

I had decided that I was going to say “yes” to everything that came my way in Brazil (within reason). Sleeping on a boat on the Rio Negro: yes, searching for baby caiman: yes, hiking through bat caves: yes, out till all hours of the morning: yes but only once, or twice.

My writings for this blog will be about food and home, my lifelong loves. Food has the ability to make a new place seem like home. One of the best ways to open up to an experience is to go out and eat, drink, and make merry. Brazil definitely gave me that opportunity. Fish for piranha and fry it up that night. Sprinkle manioc starch on (all) your food. Ham and cheese for breakfast, rice and beans for dinner. Sushi in Ipanema.

And some of the best fish and shrimp stew I’ve ever eaten, made by my host mother.

This year be open to new adventures. One of the easiest ways is to grab a friend and explore what West Virginia has to offer. And don’t forget to say yes.

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