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Fantasy Supreme Court

As the season moves on and winter approaches, it is time to face some hard facts. Your fantasy football team isn’t going to win this year. The new Modern Warfare game is going to be exactly like the old one. And this season’s cast of Dancing With the Stars is pretty weak. So what is a law student to do? Well, there is one team out there that can fill our deep need to live vicariously through others and bet on the outcomes of things we can’t control. I’m talking about the Supreme Court of the United States.

2012 squadPhoto: 2012 squad.

Fantasy SCOTUS is a game provided by The Harlan Institute ( that has you predict the outcomes of the cases heard before the Supreme Court. For every case, you pick how each Justice will come down – Affirm, Reverse, or Recuse. There is even a league already created for WVU Law and it is free to join! 

So why play? Maintaining sanity in law school can be a precarious balance. Especially for those of you who will be taking Con Law in the near future, it is a way to keep law school interesting. You can trick yourself into learning something about the current landscape of our justice system, without all that painful reading. And if you get a good group of people together, it can actually be pretty fun! Will Justice Stevens switch sides again? Who will be the lone dissenter? And can anyone figure out which way Kennedy will go??

So grab some friends and play the game that only a true law nerd could love! FantasySCOTUS!


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