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PIA Auction

• Chili dinner for 4 with Professor Ellis
• Brunch for 6 with Professor Temple
• Canoe Trip with Dean Taylor
• Lasagna Dinner for 6 with Professor DiSalvo
• Wine & Jazz for 8-10 students with Professors Annitto, Weise, Behere, and VanNostrand 
• Deck Party for 20 with Professor Bastress
• Drinks and Appetizers for 4-6 with Professors Ashdown, Cardi, and McLaughlin
• Dinner for 4 at Olive Garden with Billiards at his home after with Professor Patrick
• Dinner for 4 in Morgantown with Professor Cummings
• Spanish/Italian cooking “class with dinner after with Professor Titolo
• “Hungry Like the Wolfords” Dinner with Susan Wolford
• Dinner for 3 at winner’s restaurant of choice with Professor Bowman
• Bowling at Mountainlair and Pizza at MSBC for 4 with Professors Krech and Blumenthal
• Dinner for 6 with Professor Haught, Ros Lister, and Jennifer Powell
• Weekend at a Ski Chalet by Professor Cady
• Game of Golf at the Pines with John Fisher 
• Hand sewn WVU Apron by Jean Dailey
• Orange Bowl Poster by Dean McConnell
• Quilt made by Bertha Romaine
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