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DC Happenings

One of the best things about being in DC is that there is always something to do. Aside from the endless brunch, pastry, and coffee options, there are mom-and-pops and vegetarian options all over the city. And that’s just the food. There seems to be a meet-up, group, or bar for just about every kind of person and every kind of interest that you can think of. Because I have been so busy with school and externship activities, I have yet to get my fill of the city. I have been learning about the food, as alluded to above, and of course, the sports and the arts.

The Nationals have had a pretty good go around in the back season. Although it wasn’t enough to make the playoffs, pitcher Jordan Zimmerman’s spirit will have me looking forward to next season. In other sports news, the poor Redskins just can’t catch a break. They finally had their first offensive touchdown of the season this past weekend, and despite losing (yet again) I think DC was relieved.

Last Sunday there was a Hispanic Heritage Festival in the heart of the city. The music, food, and dancing filled a few city blocks. It was so nice to just be amongst the energy and pride that was in the air. Apparently the National Book Fair was also last weekend; I’m sorry to say that I missed that one.

As for the arts, there are new art exhibits and musical performances to welcome the new season. In early October, the National Symphony Orchestra will be playing at the Kennedy Center. Around the same time and through the winter, an exhibition called Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections will be at the National Gallery of Art. 
Needless to say, I’ll never be bored while I’m here!

The Nationals

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