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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Indulging During Law School

In the busy life of a law student, especially that of a first year, I think it is really important to remember to treat yourself occasionally. Since I’ve been in Morgantown for going on my seventh year, I feel like I know my way around these parts pretty well by now. Finding the right balance between studying and taking a short break to indulge is necessary to maintain one’s sanity, and I will provide a short guide of my favorite places to describe how I remember to treat myself.



Black Bear Burritos. . . One of my favorites. This delightful bar and restaurant has its original location downtown on Pleasant St. and its new location in Evansdale. Black Bear is great to enjoy fresh ingredients, a wide variety of craft and premium beers, and live music. Starting at 6:30 nearly every night of the week, if you’d like to enjoy a crunchy stroller wrap while unwinding to some local music, Black Bear is the way to go. Also, if you take in your student ticket from the WVU Football game on Mondays, you can get a delicious burrito, stroller, or quesadilla for just five bucks. My recommendation is the Hot Rod Stroller Wrap and the Red Pepper Quesadilla.

Morgantown Brewing Company. . . Oh, the Brew Pub, West Virginia’s Oldest Operating Brewery. The Brew Pub doubles as one of my favorite places to eat and/or drink, and I made the fatal mistake of waiting until halfway through college to realize its greatness. The Brew Pub also offers a variety of its own craft beverages, and the food is even better than the beer. The salads are always really green, crunchy, and fresh, topped with homemade croutons. During my first year, many members of my class chose to blow off some steam by enjoying the bluegrass music happening every Wednesday night. My recommendation is the Blackened Chicken Sandwich, or the Greek Chicken Sandwich, and the Alpha Blonde Beer.

Puglioni’s. . . Looking for a good Italian restaurant? Look no further. I absolutely love Italian food, and this is my favorite spot within Morgantown for homemade pasta. This quaint little restaurant tends to get busy in the evenings without a reservation policy, so this can be a great lunchtime option. Located in Evansdale, this place is perfect for the times that you really want to treat yourself and then pass out after stuffing yourself with some chicken parmesan and homemade bread. My Recommendation is any of the Homemade Pizzas.


123 Pleasant Street. . . My favorite bar in Morgantown is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but for live music lovers, there is no better bar in Morgantown. Lots of local acts grace this venue, but pretty occasionally 123 will swoop up a decently widely known band. Pabst Blue Ribbon is available for $1.50 a pop and Black Label is only a buck. Artists that perform cross all genres and information on who is performing is available on their website. My Recommendation is to go see Deer Tick on Friday, September 20, and the Halloween show is one you don’t want to miss.

Gibbie'sGibbie’s. . . For those looking for a low-key place that still has a lively atmosphere, Gibbie’s is always a good choice. Gibbie’s has a decent food offering and a large selection of beers on tap. Team Trivia happens every Monday and Thursday starting at 7:30, and often has live music playing on the weekends. My Recommendation is that anytime you hear that the Soul Miners are playing, make a stop in to enjoy a draft Magic Hat #9 and a cover band playing your favorite hits by Michael Jackson, The Temptations, and James Brown.

Be Merry.


WVU Mountaineer Football. . . For newcomers to Morgantown, you might be a bit surprised by the enthusiastic residents of Morgantown on Mountaineer Football Saturdays. One of the best perks of being a student is the free access to all football and basketball games. Although we are all missing our favorite players Tavon, Geno, and Bailey, our team is rebuilding and we are only in our second exciting year in a different conference. With a 2-1 record, we have yet to see what our team is capable of this year. I kind of like when our team is fairly new because although our expectations may not be high, if our team plays good football, we are all the more excited. Take advantage of free tickets while you can, and show your support for the old Gold and Blue. The Law School hosts a tailgate on Saturdays, so come meet up with your friends and enjoy some food and beverage before the game begins. My Recommendation is to at minimum catch the Oklahoma State game on Saturday, September 28, and the University of Texas game on Saturday, November 9.

Team Trivia. . . If you find yourself too busy to take a very long break from your studies, there is no better way to do so than with team trivia. Trivia is offered every single day of the week in Morgantown in a variety of restaurants and bars. If you feel the need to justify the time you take off of studying, you can by getting dinner while playing trivia because you have to eat, right? The added benefit is getting some time with friends over dinner while having the opportunity to win a gift certificate. My Recommendation is to attend my favorite aforementioned locations: Brew Pub offers trivia on Sundays and Gibbie’s offers trivia on Mondays and Wednesdays. Before you go, visit the team trivia website to find a participating location and get a free answer to one of the questions.

Cooper’s Rock. . . A wonderful, free option to spend some time in the beautiful hills of West Virginia. Whether you are seeking just a beautiful view and a picnic, or some more rigorous outdoor hiking activity, Cooper’s Rock is a wonderful place to relax a little and blow off some steam. The main lookout area is a great place for a photo opportunity and there are lots of picnic tables and shelters to enjoy some time outside and can also be a great place to walk your dog if you happen to own one of those furry creatures. My Recommendation is to bring a bottle of water and some bug spray and take the hiking path to Raven’s Rock.

Coopers Rock

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