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We’ve officially made it through 10 weeks of school! 

I’d like to give an official thanks to the likes of the fall break for helping me get this far.

Baby at beach

My husband and I took our daughter to the beach for the first time over the break. Here’s a picture to prove it.

Now back to the point at hand…this is usually the moment in the semester when I get utterly excited that the end is end sight. The light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is starting to lure me with its warm, welcoming glow. And then, just as I’m basking in the lovely autumnal sunshine and the thoughts of a glorious winter holiday with my family, I realize something terrifying.


My mind goes awash with the thousands and thousands of pages of cases and law review articles that I’ve read diligently throughout the semester. I stare blankly at my overflowing notebooks, and take a look at the various syllabi to make sure that we really do only have 5 or 10 more classes to cover the rest of the materials. It all seems so impossible.

This is the point at which I normally spend 3 entire days watching The West Wing on Netflix to try to forget that I am still in law school. But, when that doesn’t work, and when I finally come to the realization that my seminar paper will not write itself, I do something that every law student must learn to do. PUSH.

I have to push myself to keep reading for class. I have to push myself to do research for the seminar paper. I have to push myself to create self-imposed deadlines for studying and writing while remembering to nourish myself in the process. I have to push myself to get organized and to keep the end of the semester nonsense in perspective.

With 10 weeks down and 5 to go, the push has begun. We’re almost there!

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