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Almost Spring Break!

We are 5 school days away from Spring Break and the anticipation and longing for that ‘week off’ goes a little something like this:


I feel that way at least?

Spring break this year is at least one or two weeks later, so the one concern I’m having is that as soon as we get back, there will seem to be less time before the end of the year. I won’t mention all the things that I’ve been putting off until then, honestly the least of which is thinking about finals. As a 3L who never took a year between undergrad and law school, I have been a student now for at least 19 years and an academic test doesn’t scare me like it used to.

More pressing on my mind is the whole bar exam and job situation.

Get a job!

The above picture is probably an exaggeration, however, one thing that always sets me at ease is when I find fellow classmates who I regard as particularly smart and capable, also still searching for the same answers I am. Generally, I don’t think we are concerned with finding work, but the more pressing concern that takes up so much time is finding the work that is right for us; this is a task that takes considerably more time. So to each of you who is fighting along with me to find work at the perfect place for you, fight on!

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