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Environmental Law Society: Raising Awareness Above All Else


By: Evan Johns (Vice-president of Environmental Law Society)

If, as ecologist Aldo Leopold claimed, education is sometimes “a process of trading awareness for things of lesser worth,” the Environmental Law Society seeks to provide a countervailing sense of perspective. ELS has several exciting events planned for the upcoming year. We will be joining Professor Peck’s Natural Resource Law class for a day-trip to Dolly Sods, a rugged wilderness area in the Eastern Panhandle. More intrepidELS members will camp overnight as well. Also, in honor of the recently-deceased “Keeper of the Mountain” Larry Gibson, ELS will host a showing of The Last Mountain, a feature-length documentary about mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia.

Any students interested in the organization—or who are generally interested in environmental law, energy law, natural resources, or outdoor activities—should join ourTWEN Page or our Facebook page (just search for “WVU Environmental Law Society”). Feel free to contact our president Kristen Ross or vice-president Evan Johns with any questions.

Dolly SodsA stunning view of the Dolly Sods wilderness area captured in the heart of Autumn
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