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Trivia Contest Round 2!

The Law School Trivia Bowl is fast approaching, and this is Round 2 of our warm up challenges! Once again, there is a Starbucks gift card on the line and the winner can be on a team with a professor of their choice for the Trivia Bowl on October 10th.

This round we have a different sort of scavenger hunt. Below is a story laced with many movie titles. Whoever can find the most movie titles in the story by this time next week will be the winner. Email me a copy ( with your answers underlined so a winner may be declared. If there is a tie, the submission received first will be the winner. Punctuation doesn’t count and neither does anything you may find in this introduction. Good luck!

Additional rules:
– You can only get credit for a title once, even if it appears multiple times.
– If you submit an answer that is not an actual movie (as verified by IMDB) you will lose 1 point.

The challenge continues below…

Los Angeles, CA – 2002:

It was a Sunday, just like any given Sunday of the year. The thing about today was that my cousin Vinnie was coming over to watch the game. Vinnie and I were like twins, and we had always loved to watch football together. I looked at the clock; I was supposed to meet him at the airport diner in 15 minutes! I finished my breakfast in bed and ran out of the house where a taxi was waiting to take me to the airport. His airplane was supposed to arrive 48 hours ago, but it was delayed by some sort of storm. I was worried that I would be the one that was late now, but I arrived in the nick of time to see him come out of airport gate nine. I made a rush over to the ninth gate and gave a big hug to my best buddy in the world. However, he pushed me away. “Let’s go”, he said. “Or did you not remember?” “The Titans play at noon, I know. But they are playing the Giants, they aren’t that good, the long wait should only hurt a little.” “Giants got game, man, let’s bounce.” So I picked up the rest of his excess baggage and threw it to the left, behind the driver’s seat of his rented Cadillac. “Man, its good to see you again,” I said as we began to speed back to my house. I knew he would never get over it if we missed any of the first half. “Slow down”, I said, “These cars aren’t meant to be driven at this kind of speed!” “Two minutes until kickoff!” he said ignoring me. It was obvious my cousin was hardcore; the fan every team needed to scream at the top of his lungs and rally the ordinary people in the stands with him.

We arrived home to the tune of bad news: Bears were practically falling down to the Philadelphia Eagles. “Curse it all to the towering inferno from hell!!” my enraged cousin exclaimed. He had taken the risk of betting on Chicago, and it was a little more than just his milk money at stake. We watched in awe as Donovan McNabb led the Eagles to a 24 point victory and returned them to their glory days. My cousin, however, was screwed. The Giants had folded like a cheap lawn chair, and that was mo’ money than he could afford. My cousin, with a grim look on his face, calmly opened the paper and came up with a simple plan. “I’ll just put double the money on the next game.” We turned on the TV, hoping a there was a football guru who could analyze this situation better than we could. We listened to the conversation between announcers Rudy Johnson and Ed Nickelson: “I think the Redskins are going to win big today, Emmit hasn’t been the running man that he used to be, and the Skins always play well when Mr. Smith goes to Washington.” “I agree with you, these prime time games are hard to play, Ed. TV just adds pressure to an already pathetic Dallas offense, and the Redskins’ secondary is practically unbreakable. You might want to put a bag over this one, because it’s gonna be ugly.”

After consulting a holy man and planning an escape route to Mexico, we were ready to rumble. My cousin’s life was on the line; the mafia was sure to make the chase interesting, but he knew there was no escape from inevitable pain that would be inflicted upon him if Washington lost. ‘Highway to Hell’ was playing in the background and I couldn’t help to think it was one of the signs that some very bad things were going to happen tonight. The big night started, Washington ran the ball out to the Dallas 45. “We need another big play, lets go!” But what happened next left us both in complete shock. We watched as the Dallas linebacker blitzed in a frenzy and we saw him just snatch the quarterback from his feet and body slam him to the ground. You could see the mask of pain on his face as the ambulance took the brave player off the field. The road ahead seemed pretty rocky, but on the next play the rookie QB from Tulane, Patrick Ramsey, tossed the ball to Rod Gardner for the score. Washington never slowed down and the game ended in one of the largest blowouts in the history of the NFL. My cousin was free; money was no longer a problem for him, although he narrowly escaped death. It had been the longest day ever; I kicked off my sneakers and fell asleep in my recliner, knowing that my cousin was the luckiest man in the world.

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