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Last Minute Halloween Costumes Made From Household Items

Why purchase an expensive Halloween costume that you will only wear once when you can just create your own with a few items that you probably already have around your house?

Ghost Ghost
The homemade ghost costume is one of my favorite homemade costumes to see out on Halloween night. This costume is particularly hilarious because you don’t know who the person is underneath that ghastly white bed sheet and it allows the person underneath to act like a creepy ghost while putting almost zero effort into a costume. How to: Get one of your white unfitted bed sheets and place it over your head. Mark the part on the sheet where you want the eyes to be and then cut two holes. Walla. Now you are a spooky ghost.

Lumberjack Lumberjack
For those who are fortunate enough to already be donning a beard at this time of year, this costume is for you. How to: Bust out one of your flannel shirts and find a pair of old jeans that you no longer care about. Cut the jeans right above the knee to make a pair of shorts that look like you just emerged from the wilderness. If you have a pair of suspenders, these will only add to the statement your outfit is making, which is that you just got done wrangling a tree trunk. Finish off the look with a pair of work boots and a beanie. If you want people to really believe you are a lumberjack, splurge a little and purchase yourself a plastic ax and maybe even a mullet wig.

Pumpkin Pumpkin
Being a pumpkin for Halloween gives off the impression that you care enough to dress up but are not going to feed into the commercial-ness of Halloween by creating this simple costume. How to: Find an orange t-shirt that you do not care to cut up. If there is a design on the front of the shirt, do not worry. Use a pen to mark the face you desire your pumpkin to have on the front of the t-shirt. Cut out the face and then turn the t-shirt inside out. Wear a yellow or black shirt underneath your orange shirt to make your pumpkin face stand out. You’re the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Greek Greek God or Goddess
For those desiring an otherworldly costume, this Halloween look will allow you to participate in the debauchery of all that is Halloween without breaking the bank. How to:Find an unfitted bed sheet of your desired color. Wrap the sheet around your body to achieve an Animal House-inspired look. Hold the sheet together with bits of string or simply use scissors to cut the fabric to allow you to tie it together. Use some of the extra string to wrap around your midsection. Borrow some leaves from your fake house plant and wrap them around your head or pin them in your hair behind your ear. Finish the look with a pair of sandals and any gold jewelry you may already have.

Nerd Nerd
If you wear glasses, you are already halfway there to this classic Halloween costume.
How to: Take a piece of masking tape, or clear tape and some white paper to wrap around the frame in-between the two lenses. (Or, if you have a pair of big, funny glasses from a 3D movie you’ve seen, pop out the lenses and then apply the tape.) Grab a white collared dress shirt from your closet and complement your look with a pair of suspenders. Use a piece of plastic to create the illusion that you are wearing a pocket protector. Finish the look by placing some pens in your shirt pocket and pull on a pair of knee socks.

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