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Summer Reading Review: 1L of a Ride - Andrew J. McClurg

Review by Shannon Kiser

1L of a RideAndrew McClurg put together a great book for helping all of the poor unaware suckers who enlisted in law school in developing a plan of attack for their first year. Oftentimes witty, the book sheds insight into the Socratic method, grading, and legal research from a standpoint that is easy to grasp right out of the gate. I think that is what makes this book different from the rest of the law school-prep books: its written in a frame of mind that most legal scholars forget. The book forgoes all of that legal academia brainwashy legal-term-of-art mumbo jumbo and just focuses on real expectations. I strongly suggest 1L of a Ride, despite the fact that you will probably forget most of it by the time the first week of classes are over and you have been shocked into submission.
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