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Service Happening This Week at the WVU COL. . .

Helping Hands

Pro Bono Roll Out: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30:
The Center for Law and Public Service is establishing a brand new Pro Bono program at the WVU College of Law and held a meeting Monday, September 30th to “roll out” the pro bono projects. Upon graduation, students that volunteered doing pro bono work are honored with a special distinction. Once a lawyer becomes a member of the bar, there is a professional obligation to give back to those in need. Contact Jen Powell if you missed the meeting and want to learn about the different opportunities available or to get signed up to begin participating!

Blood Drive

Blood Drive in the Main Lobby: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2:
The Red Cross will visit the WVU College of Law to host a blood drive in the main lobby from 10:00am until 4:00pm on Wednesday, October 2. All are invited to donate blood, and the SBA is asking for volunteers that can sign in donors as they arrive, walk donors to their chairs, and sit with donors at the snack tables. At least three donors are needed at all times. If interested, please contact Stephanie Welsh ( about your preferred donation time or volunteer time, or stop by and sign up with her in the lobby this week. The Red Cross is hoping to get some people who can give double-red cell donations. As scary as it sounds, it actually takes less fluid from you than a whole blood (regular) donation, leaves you more hydrated, and involves a smaller needle. Men must be 5’1” and 130 pounds and women must be 5’5” and 150 pound to qualify for double-red. There are certain blood types that the red cross needs for double-red (I believe they are A-, B-, O- and O+), but even if you are not interested in giving a double-red cell donation, as many regular donations as possible are needed. Those who are donating should eat a light meal and drink plenty of water beforehand. All donations and volunteers are greatly appreciated.

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