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Sometimes I feel utterly surrounded and for good reason.

I would venture to guess that I am one of a handful of students at the College of Law who lives in such close proximity of her family. I’m talking my whole entire clan. My 96-year-old grandfather lives on University Ave…practically a stone’s throw from the law school. And, my brother and his wife operate their tattoo shop just down the street as well. My nieces live about 300 yards from my house, and my parents live just through the woods.

For some people this scenario would completely cramp their style, but for me, it’s a lifesaver and a complete blessing.

For one thing, I get to be a part of things like this fairly frequently…


I also get to watch my niece’s softball and volleyball games and listen to my other niece practice the piano. I get to learn how to garden from my dad, a learned farm hand. And, I get to enjoy more than my fair share of my mom’s home cooked meals. (I would be remiss to not give a shout out the amazing free babysitting service that all of the aforementioned folks provide.)

After years of living elsewhere, I didn’t necessarily expect to be back in Morgantown for law school, but I am certainly grateful that the opportunity presented itself. It’s almost hard for me to imagine making it through this school experience with any other scenario. While I understand that being surrounded by ones entire family is not ideal for some (or even most), it’s just what this girl needs.

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