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SBA's Community Service Events

As future lawyers, it is important for us to interact with the community we will be serving in the future. A great way the students at WVU College of Law do this is with the many community service events we hold throughout the year. While many organizations at the law school hold these events, my personal experience as the Student Bar Association Community Service Chair has given me much insight in how much the law students have given back to the community.

Some of the SBA community service events that have occurred or will occur in the fall include a Nati-nite, Red Cross blood drive, and the 5K Race for Justice. For the Nati-nite, we teamed up with Naticakes in having a night where if you went in to Naticakes and said the word “Justice,” 10% of the profit would be donated to charity.

The Red Cross blood drive will be held at the law school on October 10th, and it is a great way that both students and faculty can donate on the spot.

The 5K, being held on October 27th, engages both the law school and community in an interactive event which donates all of its proceeds to WV Senior Legal Aid. The proceeds from last year’s 5K enabled WV Senior Legal Aid to hire one or two law students during this school year; something that could not have been done without the 5K. These and many other events held by organizations at the law school continue to show our dedication and support to our community.

Matthew Chase
SBA Community Service Chair

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