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Chuck P, The Bookshelf, and Me

Reading, reading, reading. It seems like that’s all we do in law school. My crazy advice for you? Read some more! Put down your casebooks, outlines, whatever legal document you are reading, and pick up a fictional book. It’s an escape for the mind from the monotony of law school.


Who should you read? Chuck Palahniuk of course!According to Wikipedia, a very reliable source, Chuck P. is an American transgressional fiction novelist. According to me, he writes brilliant social satire. His latest book, Damned, follows thirteen-year-old Madison as she makes her way through hell. Hell is, of course, filled with toe nail clippings, gods and deities from every religion, popcorn balls, and bats painted blue. For those of you who are already Chuck fans, rest assured, this is one of his better books in a long time. It definitely makes up for the struggle of trying to read Pygmy. For those of you, who are interested, try him out. He has a plethora of other books available including the ever-lovable, Fight Club. Yes, Tyler Durden’s hard body started as printed font.

Clearly, I am a huge Chuck fan, so when given the opportunity to meet him, I literally leapt for joy. He made a stop in Pittsburgh during his book tour and I was so there. Chuck treated the crowd to a wonderful evening. He autographed books (one of which will be on sale at thePIA auction this spring), he read a short story, he answered audience questions, and he spoke of courage and believing in one’s self. He also threw candy bars underhand, as hard as he could at the crowd and literally made everyone “blow their brains out” by blowing up inflatable brains. One of the best moments for me was when he signed my book:

To Molly-

—->Life is short!! Be a great Lawyer!!

Chuck Palahniuk


Working on finishing law school first Chuck, but thanks for the advice.

The Bookshelf

Now you’re probably asking yourself, where can I buy these illusive, so called books in Morgantown. Before you say Barnes and Noble, let me point you to a hidden gem, The Bookshelf. The Bookshelf has been in Morgantown for nearly forty years selling used and new books. Besides selling used books at an extremely reasonable price, one of the best parts of this store is their exchange policy. You can bring in a used book and receive a discount of more than 70% on your next purchase. For you townies, the store is located by the Giant Eagle next to the Old Mall. For you newbies, the store is located just a few short miles from the law school at 139 Greenbag Road.

So go blog readers. Go to the Bookshelf and pick yourself up a fictional book to read. Read some Chuck P because he loves West Virginia. He loves West Virginia because that was where the Walton’s were from.

No Chuck.

Really? Well? I love West Virginia.

Chuck Palahniuk

He’s on his knees, Chuck read to me please.

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