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Summer Reading Review: Race, Racism and American Law - Derrick Bell

Summer Reading Review: Race, Racism and American Law - Derrick BellThis is an absolute eye-opening book. Keep in mind, this is pretty much a textbook, so I don’t know how many people like to spend their summer vacation with their head in a textbook. I think there was this weird kid who lived down the street from me growing up that liked to do that; I never saw him outside though, so I never got to ask. Anyway, this book enlightens the racial tensions and tendencies in America in a way most high schools and colleges shy away from. My fellow classmates and I used this book for a seminar class last semester, and there were many well-educated people, myself included, that never knew of the issues and turmoil examined by this book. The book moves beyond the things that everyone knows about, and examines hidden agendas, overlooked wrongs and the prejudiced roots of racism that still hold strong today, and then examines the remedies that, sadly, will potentially take decades to push into effect.
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