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Motown, USA ... Welcome Home!

For all you newbies out there thinking you might be moving to a foreign country only a few states away, DON’T WORRY! I was you, only a year ago.

This post is dedicated to the incoming 1L class, in-staters and out-of-staters alike, who have no earthly idea what they might be getting themselves into by relocating to Morgantown, West Virginia!

Motown, USA

First of all, WELCOME!!! I think I speak for all of us at WVU College of Law when I say we are super excited to welcome you to a school many of us (if not all) have grown to love and oddly enough, miss when we are away. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and went to undergraduate at the University of North Carolina. So if you are familiar with either one of these places, or a bigger city in general, you can imagine my surprise and slight shock when I first moved to Morgantown last August. Questions ran rampant, to say the least.

Kroger?? What’s that … is it the ONLY grocery store? 
Where in the world is the bank? 
How on earth do I get to the law school, on time, on my first day in this AWFUL traffic? 
Is there ANYWHERE to eat in this town that is NOT a chain?
What’s fun, and possibly not crawling with Freshman?
Is my car gonna make it in the winter???

The list goes on and on. But I am here to reassure you that ALL of my questions were eventually answered, either by local students, exploring (aka. getting lost), or simply the passage of time. Although I believe the best way to learn a place is to explore it, I’d like to give you a few pointers before you get on your merry way! With the help of a few fellow 2L’s, comprised below is a list of the basic (and a few extra) whats, whens, wheres, hows, and whys of Morgantown. I’ve included links where possible to make them a bit more accessible for you!

Megan Patrick

Outdoor Activities

River Trail1. River Trail: Great for dog walks, long runs, and SUPER long bike rides. Not to mention where some law school organizations host their 5Ks! Not hard to find, just go to the river!

2. Coopers Rock: We like to say that we hike here, but really its just advanced trekking. :) This is also my vote for best view in town (or close to town).  Cooper’s Rock

Foodie Finds (I’ll add a few of my own to this list)
1. The Farmer’s Market: Great local produce and meat, as well as crafty things too!  Farmer’s Market
2. New Day Bakery: Fresh made breads daily. Pizza too!  Fine Artisan Breads
3. Mountain People’s Co-op: I’ve personally never been, but have heard great things.  Natural, Organic, and Fair Trade
(My List)
4. Tutto Gelato: Need I say more…  Yummy
5. Los Mariachis: Best guacamole! (Margaritas aren’t bad either!) Address: 1137 Van Voorhis Rd
6. Tailpipes: By far the most creative burgers in town! They sell their locally grown beef as well!  Gourmet Burgers

1. It rains, like A LOT. So take our advice, don’t mess up those new shoes!
2. Afternoon traffic is TERRIBLE, everywhere. You can’t escape it, so just be patient.
3. Recycling – There are multiple recycling drop off spots located around Morgantown. (It was foreign to me as well that my apartment complex did not have bins)  Please Recycle
(My List)
4. Advance Auto Parts: They hooked me up (literally) with a new battery, on the cold snowy day I was making a 6 hour trek home! Info: 830 Monongahela Blvd, Morgantown, WV – (304) 284-2050
5. BB&T: Locations and Hours –
6. Get to school with plenty of time to find parking, find your classroom, and settle those nerves!

1. Rocktop Nights: This is a new “rooftop retreat” to Morgantown with a bar, restaurant, hot tubs, and concert venue. Sure to be a blast!  Hot Tub??
2. Pittsburgh: Just a piece down the road, offering fun-filled adventures.  Pirates Games
3. Study Spots: WVU Library (of course), Terra Cafe, Starbucks, Outside (when the weather permits), AND Your very own dungeon of a room!
4. WVU REC: An absolute necessary to not go crazy.  Pump Iron

Katie Wilson
Katie’s top 5 . . .
1. Black Bear Burritos:  Rawwrrr
2. REC Center
3.Working Women’s Wednesdays – $5 Pizza at the The Vintage Room:  Keepin it Classy
4. Learn the Shortcuts to the Law School 
5. Gabes: Monster Version of TJMaxx –  Gabriel Brothers

Morgantown at Night

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologize for the lengthiness, but I hope this list will get you wherever you may want or need to be, to begin with! And remember, feel free to ask any of us for more pointers (school, Motown, Law Life in general)!

See ya soon, 
Meg Starnes

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