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Snow Day! Snow Day! Snow Day!

Snow Day

Now that winter has graced us with her presence, it seems fitting to venture out and explore all the winter festivities and amenities that Morgantown has to offer. (Even though we still get a random day or two of 70* weather. . . just ignore those.) Personally, I would chose a day of snowboarding over ANYTHING else, but for those of you who aren’t snow bunnies or adventure seekers, or those who just like to curl up and be cozy . . I’ve got you a list! A few of my own suggestions as well as some input from others. Please feel free to comment and add any other suggestions you may have.

1. Of Course. . . Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing. 
Now I know what you may be thinking  I’M POOR – rec centers rentals;, I don’t have money for ski rentals much less money for a  LIFT TICKET, but my friend, you do! The Rec Center rents skis and snowboards for rather inexpensive and a weekday lift ticket at  WISP is very reasonable. So be adventurous, grab some friends and hit the slopes! And if you’re really wanting to hit the slopes, as close to “out west style” as you can get, make the drive to  SNOWSHOE.

And if you just absolutely have no interest in speeding downhill in the freezing cold while upright (hopefully), check out the many other  WINTER ACTIVITIES that Wisp has to offer. Tubing, Ice Skating, Snow Shoeing . . . You name it!

2. I’m from the South. 30* is cold to me, so you can imagine my terror when winterREALLY sets in and the temps get on down to the teens with those awful winds. But not to worry, for all of your (and my) arctic winter gear, check out  PATHFINDER on High Street. You’ll find everything from warm socks to ski boots to hiking gear.

3. Please people. Use caution. Drive safely ANNNNNDD . . .Get a  4-wheeler! or maybe a  Snowmobile. And if all else fails, “Veer Right, jump the ditch!” But in all seriousness, take your time, who cares if you’re late. Better safe than sorry :)

4. If you’re looking for a taste of winter indoors, check out the Morgantown Ice Arena. Whether Hockey, Figure Skating, or just making a fool of yourself, the ice arena is sure to be entertaining. Just don’t forget to  WEAR GLOVES.

5. Once we finally get some REAL snow that hopefully sticks around for more than a day and doesn’t turn to rain and absolute slush, check out the Tobogganing Festival in January at Chestnut Ridge Park. Not a far drive from Morgantown, and the “tobogganing,”  AKA – Sledding? looks promising!

6. And last but certainly not least! For those days when all you want to do is curl up and stay warm. Check out the S’mores Pizza at  Mountain State and warm up next to that massive wood fired oven! OR, how about an  EBook from the WVU Library. Just put down the case book and read something you might actually enjoy! And of course, nothing says winter weather like  Martha Stewart. So be crafty or gourmet and make something lovely to share with your friends. :)

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