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Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder.

Law School Hill Monday Morning

Law School Hill Monday morning*

I haven’t seen this much snow in sooo long! I think I was in the 4th grade, we had an entire week of snow days and went sledding everyday. Oh the joys of childhood, if only we could spend the week ignoring classes and playing in the snow. But, we’re adults now (or so I’ve been told) and we must trudge on, through the snow, in negative degree temperatures, to class. (On second thought, if anyone has a sled. . . ).

Our winter wonderland makes everyday tasks/errands a little extra challenging but it doesn’t have to make us miserable. The Swedish have the saying above meaning “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing” and I fully agree! One of the first things I learned after moving to Morgantown is how important a real raincoat is, not a water-repellant coat, but a withstands-torrential-downpours rain jacket. This is the time for those giant puffy coats (although with today’s technology there is no need to be quite so puffy), insulated snow boots, real wool socks, wool sweaters, flannel lined jeans, extra-wide scarves, and they don’t call it polar fleece for nothing. It’s also good to remember that your jacket’s temperature rating is measured, in most cases, as if your also wearing a base layer and a sweater/sweatshirt and that can make all the difference on those minus 7 degree mornings.

Be safe out there and if all else fails-make real hot chocolate and get cozy- find a blanket and a fireplace (or at least a fireplace scented candle). After all, there’s really no better way to read all those cases.

*Ok. That’s not an actual image of Law School Hill, but a fairly accurate approximation (in my “OMG! they made me come to class and didn’t treat/plow the hill” opinion). 

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