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The WVU Law Revue

We are seeking creative minded individuals to help with the inaugural offering by theWVU Law Revue. Yes, that’s revue, not review.

Every year, Above the Law (America’s 3rd greatest law blog next to this one and Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog) hosts a contest for creative and entertaining law school related videos. Schools from all across country compete and a winner is voted in as champion. This year, West Virginia University will be that champion, but we need your help!

Creative minds – Do you have a great idea for a law school related video? Are you good with lyrics or writing original music? We need you! Brainstorming sessions are coming together soon, so join us and share your great ideas or help to build on some of the ideas we already have.

Tech skills – Maybe writing isn’t your thing, but are you good with a camera? Editing video or setting up the perfect shot? A good video needs an excellent production team and that can’t happen without you!

Performers – Singers, rappers, actors, musicians, dancers, and anyone who has ever been told they could be professionally good-looking. Come be a part of the creative process so we can figure out how to use your abilities to make WVU’s video the best it can be.

I’m convinced that everyone in our school has a unique talent that could contribute to this project in one way or another. Personally, I think it feels great to exercise those creative skills that have languished while we plod through all of our left-brained exercises and readings. So stay tuned for updates on our first Law Revue meeting and keep thinking about ways that you can get involved! Until then, I’ll leave you with a couple of the more entertaining submissions from last year’s contest:

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